Grade 8 Social Studies
Exploring Civilizations: 300 – 1600 CE

Before we begin, we need to know how to trust what we learn…
Science asks questions that can be answered by conducting experiments.
Religion asks questions that are answered by faith and is celebrated by liturgy.
Philosophy asks questions that require deep thought but do not provide definitive answers.
History asks questions that can be answered by reliable sources.

an organized group of people which lives in a certain area and shares both a common culture and a sense of safety

Read the information above and the article on races from World Book Online and then answer the questions below.Click HERE to go to the article.(User name = waf34  Password = pass34)

1. What is civilization?
2. What kinds of questions does history ask?
3. When do scientists think people first appeared on the earth?
4. Where do scientists think all people originated?
5. Why do some people differ in appearance?
6. How does the environment affect appearance?
7. How have various groups in history categorized people?
8. Nowadays, what do we focus on when studying groups of people?
9. What is the MLA citation at the bottom of the article?

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