Learn about a politician of the Renaissance!

Log on to World Book Student.

1. When was he born?
2. When did he die?
3. What was his home country?
4. What was his area of expertise? (Hint: it is an 8-letter word starting with ‘p’ that is written in adjectival form but you should change it to a noun)

(Background knowledge: a state is a political term that can refer to a country, a state or a province.)

COLLECT THE KEY CONCEPT (and add supporting details or evidence)
1. He thought a state  was like an ______________________ .
a. the ruler is like the ______________ and the people are like the ________________
b. a healthy state is ____________ , _______________ and in _________________
c. the people in a healthy state are ____________ , _____________ , ____________ and ____________________
d. if the state is not healthy, the leader must ____________________________________ to make it healthy again
e. even _________________ , ____________________ and ______________ may be used if the leader decides it will help restore order

1. How do those ideas relate to life today?
2. What do you think of Machiavelli’s ideas?

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