Use World Book Online to Learn about Light

• to be able to find reliable information online
• to be able to take notes

Go to WBOKids
Find the article called “Light”

• a kind of ____________
• lets us _______ things
• some things give off light: _________ & ____________
• some things reflect light because light ________ off them

How it is made:
• all light comes from tiny particles of matter called ___________
• sometimes atoms get extra _________
• sometimes the extra __________ appears as ____________
• one way to get atoms to provide light is to ________ them
• some materials give light without much __________

Draw an illustration of something that provides light because of heat.

Draw another illustration of something that provides light without much heat.

What it is:
• acts like a ___________ with ______ and ______ places
• also acts like tiny ____________ that travel in a _______________
• white is made of _________ colours
• some colours we can see: ______________________________
• colour of the shortest wave we can see: _____________
• ultraviolet rays are too _________ for us to see them
• ultraviolet rays can make our skin ________ and ________
• colour of the longest wave we can see: ____________
• infrared rays are too _________ for us to see them
• infrared rays make us feel ___________ when we are in sunlight

A diagram showing six of the colours we can see:

How it behaves:

• if light hits something straight on, it can _________ straight back
• if light hits something at an angle, it ___________ in another direction
• if light goes through something, it may _________
• if light hits something, it might be party absorbed and partly __________
• the colours we see are the colours that are ______________

What is measured:

• w________________
• b______________
• s_________
• in space, light travels __________________ kilometers per __________

Copy the citation information at the bottom of the article:

Choose one of the articles listed at the bottom.
Read and record 5 interesting facts you discover.
Copy the citation information.

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