Use World Book Online to Learn about Islam

– to be able to find reliable information online
– to be able to take notes
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Find this article: ‘Islam’.

1.    What are people who follow this religion called?
2.    On what continent do most of these people live?
3.    How many live in the Middle East?
4.    Who was the first prophet or holy person in this religion?
5.    In what year did he begin to receive messages from God?
6.    Where are these messages collected?
7.    What are two central beliefs in Islam?
8.    When did the first prophet die?
9.    By the mid-700’s, how large had the empire of this religion grown?
10.   Draw a picture of the symbol of this religion.
11.    Make a list of the 5 Pillars of Islam, the 5 distinguishing features of the religion.
12.   Copy the citation information at the bottom of the article.

Find this article: ‘Mecca’.

1.    Why is Mecca important?
2.    Where is it?
3.    Who is allowed to visit Mecca?
4.    What is a trip to Mecca called?
5.    What are people who visit Mecca called?
6.    What is the most famous building in Mecca?
7.    How many people visit Mecca every year?
8.    Copy the citation information at the bottom of the page.

 [This assignment may be copied for use with students if the following credit is provided: ©2011 Sophie Rosen.]

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