Francis Bacon

Learn about a great thinker of the Renaissance!

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1. When was he born?
2. When did he die?
3. What was his home country?
4. What were his 4 areas of expertise?

COLLECT KEY CONCEPTS (and add supporting details or evidence)
1. He helped develop _____________________________
(an ______________ of doing scientific _______________ )
a. _____________________________________
b. _____________________________________
c. _____________________________________
d. _____________________________________
e. _____________________________________
f. _____________________________________
2. He believed people could learn ___________ if they used their
_________ properly.
a. often people _______________________
b. this prevents ___________________________
c. but if people use their ______________ properly, they
will have power over _____________
d. this will end _________ , ____________ and __________

1. Where have you heard these concepts before?
2. How do they relate to life today?
3. What do you think of Bacon’s ideas?

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