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Find the article called “Christmas”

• a holiday to celebrate ________________ ‘s birth
• the story of Christmas comes from the part of the Bible called the ______ _____________________
• the story tells how an __________ appeared to _______________ and told them that ______________ was going to be born
• the story also tells that three _______________ followed a ________ to find the place where ____________ was born
• has been celebrated on ________________ since _____________

• most Christmas customs come from the ______________
• decorating _____________________
• decorating with m__________ and h__________
• sending _______________________
• telling stories about __________________
• singing songs such as _______________ and ____________________
• going  to c__________
• sharing a big _____________________
• exchanging p______________ or gifts

Copy the citation information at the end of the article:


If you have time, . . .
1. read one of the related articles listed before the citation information;
2. visit one of the external web sites listed after the citation information.


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Name: waf34  Password: pass34

Find the article called “Christmas”
Use the yellow index on the left to find the sections you need.
Click on the sections to go straight to the information.

In the United States and Canada
• people decorate with ___________ , ___________ and ___________
children write letters to ______________________
• many stores hire people dressed up as ______________________
• ______________ are placed under trees
• people often have a special meal that includes ______________ , __________________ and ____________________
• many people drink ___________________
In England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
• people send ______________ cards and decorate with ______________
• children hang up _______________ to be filled by ________________
• people have a special meal with ____________ and then _____________ and ________________ for dessert
• people at large parties drink __________________
• in Ireland, people put ____________________ in their windows
• in Wales, people have ________________ contests
• in Scotland, most people have their main celebration on __________________
In France
• children put ___________ out to be filled by ___________________
• people decorate their homes with _________________________
• many people attend __________________ on Christmas Eve and then eat a special meal
In Germany
• ____________________ visits on December 5 and brings ___________
• in the south, many people say the ________________ brings gifts on Christmas Eve
• in the north, many people say the ______________________ brings gifts
• people decorate __________________
• people like to eat _____________________

Choose three other countries and take notes about their customs:

Scroll to the bottom of the article and copy the line of information after this: “To cite this article, World Book recommends the following format”


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