British Columbia


to be able to find reliable information online
to practise taking notes

Go to WBOKids.
Find the article called ‘British Columbia’.

Where is it?
• in the country of _________________
• next to the country of _____________
• ____________ is east
• __________ and the ____________________ are west
• it is the __________ largest province in Canada

What are the major cities?
• the capital is  __________________
• the capital is on the southeastern tip of _____________________
• the biggest city is _____________________
• the biggest city is in __________________ B.C.
• about half the people in _________ live in this city

What does the land by the ocean look like?

• the coast is where the land meets the ocean
• the ocean is called the ______________
• the land along the coast has steep ________________
• the mountains are covered in _____________
• narrow ___________ of water are along the coast
• many ____________ are along the coast

What does the land inland look like?

• there are many tall _________________
• there are many high flat areas or plains called _______________
• in the northeast, there are lots of hills and lots of ____________

What does the land provide?

• the forests provide lots of ________
• the land in the northeast provides natural _______ and oil
• the land in the southeast provides _____________
• the land also provides ________________________________

What does the ocean provide?

• the most valuable fish is ________________
• other foods from the ocean include c________ , c___________and
c_________ , h______________ and h____________,
o___________ , r__________, s__________

What do farms provide?
• ranchers raise _______________ and __________________
• farmers grow b_____________ , c_________________ and

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