Compare Continents

Use World Book Online Kids to Compare Places on Earth!

to be able to find reliable information online
to be able to write comparison sentences


Go to World Book Online Kids
Name: waf34  Password: pass34

1. Click on ‘Compare Continents’.
2. Click on the picture of North America.
3. Click on the picture of Africa.
4. Click on ‘Compare Now!’ on the right.
5. Read to find information to complete these sentences:

• The area of North America is ______________ is square kilometres, while the area of Africa is _________________ is square kilometres.

• The population of North America is _________________ , but the population of Africa is much larger at  ____________________ .

• The highest point in North America, at __________ metres, is ______________, while the highest point in Africa, at ________ metres is ____________________ .

• The lowest point in North America is ______________ at ________ metres below sea level, and the lowest point in Africa is _______________ at _______ metres below sea level.

• Three oceans border North America, the _____________ , the ___________ and the ________________ , while only two oceans border Africa, __________ and _____________ .

• Both North America and Africa have some very large cities; North America’s largest city is ______________ with ______________ people, and Africa’s largest city is __________________ with _______________ people.

• North America has only ______ countries, while Africa has _______ countries.

6. Now go back and compare another two continents. Write 8 more comparison sentences.

7. Finally, copy this line and fill in today’s date:
I found this information on World Book Online, today’s date.

[This page may be copied for use with students if the following credit is provided: ©2010 Sophie Rosen.]

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