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1. People who are _______________ design and ______________ buildings.

2. People who want the buildings are called  _____________ or __________________ .

3. People who make the buildings are called _____________________ .

4. People who design the buildings have to consider a lot of factors:

a. meet _______________

b. look ________________

c. last a __________________

d. room for _____________________________________

e. right ______________ and ________________

f. made of materials that ____________ good and _____________ well

g. strong ___________ and __________________________

5. Buildings show what is important to people:

a. people in ancient Greece valued ______________ so their buildings were ___________________

b. people in ancient Rome valued good _____________________ so they created structures everyone could use: _________________ , ____________ , __________________________

c. nowadays, modern designs are usually _____________

6. Copy the citation information at the very bottom of the article:


Click on this link near the bottom of the article: Building construction.

1. A building’s two main parts:

a. ____________________________

b. _____________________________

2. People who work on buildings:

a. ____________________________

b. ____________________________

c. ____________________________

d. ____________________________

3. Steps in constructing a building:

a. ____________________________

b. ____________________________

c. ____________________________

d. ____________________________

e. ____________________________

f. ____________________________

g. ____________________________

4. Some buildings are prefabricated.

a. they are built in a ____________________

b. this saves _______________ and _________________

5. Copy the citation information at the bottom of the article:


Now make some connections:

1. How does your home suit the way you live?

2. Can you draw a diagram of a home that would suit you?

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