Arab World

The Early Arab World

Log onto
and use the following user name: waf34 and password: pass34

A. Bookmark this site.

B. Type in the white rectangle: arabs. Press ‘return’.
1.  What is the name of the first article on the list? 
3. Click on the article called ‘Arabs’.
4. Look at the index column, entitled ‘Article Contents’ on the left hand side for ‘History’. Click on it.

C. Start reading the article and fill in the answers as you find them.
1. In what century did references to Arabs first appear?

2. What were two occupations of early Arabs?

3. In what three places did the earliest Arabs live?

4. What two characteristics did all the Arabs have in common?

5. What culture began to rule Arab areas starting in 106 C.E.?

6. When was that culture conquered by the Goths? (beyond the lines)

7. What was the name of the prophet born about 570 C.E.?

8. Where was he born?

9. Why is he considered important?

10. What does the word Islam mean?

11. What is a word that means belief in one God?

12. In what year did he flee to Medina?

13. What are the two holiest cities in Islam?

14. When did the prophet die?

15. What title was given to the rulers who followed him?

D. Scroll  almost to the bottom of the page and click on Previous Section.

E. Look in the index column on the left for ‘Sciences’ and click on it.

F. Start reading that section and fill in the answers as you find them.

1. When did the Arab world become a centre for scientific discoveries?

2. For how long did their scientific preeminance last?

3. From what cultures did they preserve and translate important manuscripts?

4. What mathematical system, which we still use today, did they discover in India?

5. What three areas of mathematics were their specialty?

6. How did they help create the scientific revolution in Europe during the 1500s?

G. Scroll to the bottom of the page and copy the MLA style citation.

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