Age of Exploration

The Age of Exploration

Log onto World Book Online using the link in the blogroll to the right.
(You will need your user name and the password.)

A. Bookmark this site.

B. Type in the white rectangle: exploration. Press ‘return’. _____
1.  How many items appear? ______
3. Click on the article called ‘Exploration’. ___
4. Look at the index column on the left hand side for ‘The age of European exploration’. Click on it. ___

C. Start reading the article and fill in the answers as you find them.
1. In what century did Europeans start wanting products from Asia? _________
2. What were two desirable nonedible products? _________ and __________
3. What were three desirable edible spices? __________ , ______________ and ____________
4. Which two countries started looking for a direct route to ‘the Indies’? ____________ and ____________
5. What new type of ship made long sea voyages possible? ______________________
6. What two new navigation instruments helped explorers? ______________ and ________________

D. Start reading this section: ‘Reaching the tip of Africa’.
1. Which country started exploring the west coast of Africa? _________________
2. When did this start? ____________
3. Who sponsored many of the trips? ____________________________ known as ___________________
4. What were two things he hoped his explorers would find?
a. ____________________
b. _______________________________
5. What were two things his explorers did find and bring back?
a. ______________________
b. __________________________
6. Who tried to find a route around the southern tip of Africa? __________________
7. Why was this considered important? _________________________________________________
8. When did he find the southern tip? ______________________
9. What name did the Portuguese give that tip? _________________________________
10. Why? __________________________________________________________

E. Start reading this section: ‘Columbus reaches America’.
1. Who started travelling west to find ‘the Indies’? ___________________
2. From what country did he come? ___________________
3. What country sponsored his trips? __________________
4. When did he first set out across the Atlantic Ocean? ____________
5. Which island did he first visit? ____________________
6. Why did he call the people ‘Indians’? _____________________________________________________

F. Start reading this section: ‘Voyage around Africa’.
1. Who did King Manuel I of Portugal send to Asia? ______________________
2. When did he leave on his journey? __________________
3. When did he arrive in India? ___________________
4. What route did he take to get to India? ______________________________
5. What did he bring back to Portugal? ________________________________
6. What did he do during his second voyage to India? ____________________________

G. Start reading this section: ‘Exploring the New World’.
1. How many more trips did Columbus make to Central and South America? ___________
2. Who was the first European, since the Vikings,  to visit the northeast coast of North America? _______________
3. Who was the first to refer to South America as a ‘New World’? ___________________
4. After whom is North and South America named? _______________________
5. Who was the first explorer to see the eastern shore of the Pacific Ocean? _______________________

H. Start reading this section: ‘Magellan’s globe-circling expedition’.
1. When did Magellan leave Spain? ____________________
2. Why did Spain want to find him to find a western route to Asia? ______________________________________
3. What happened to Magellan? ____________________________________________
4. Why is the journey he started still considered memorable? _________________________________________

I. Start reading this section: ‘Spain’s conquests in the New World’.
1. How did the new explorers harm the New World? __________________________________________
2. What plants and animals did they introduce? _________________________________________________
3. What plants did they take back to Europe? _______________________________
4. Who started Spanish rule in Mexico? __________________________
5. Who started Spanish rule in Peru? _______________________

J. Start reading this section: ‘The search for a northern passage’.
1. What are two reasons why explorers wanted to find a way to sail around the north of North America? ____________________________________________________________
2. Why is Jacques Cartier memorable even though he did not find a northern passage? ______________________________________________________________
3. Who are three English explorers who searched for a northern passage? ______________________________________________________________
4. Why is a Willem Barents still remembered? ___________________________________________________

Beyond the lines:
1. Why did scientists think a northern passage may still someday be discovered? ________________________________________________________________
2. Why is this important to Canadians? ______________________________________________________

Copy the citation information at the bottom of the article:

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