Shadow Children

Margaret Peterson Haddix’s


Among the Hidden (AR 4.8)
Among the Impostors (AR 4.9)
Among the Betrayed (AR 4.9)
Among the Barons (AR 4.8)
Among the Brave
(AR 5.1)
Among the Enemy (AR 5.3)
Among the Free (AR 5.6)

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I have recently read a great book called Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix (First Aladdin Paperbacks, 2000) in which the main character, Luke, faces a dilemma: Should he venture out and meet the girl he finds or should he stay inside his home hiding? Luke faces all sorts of complications: He has to hide because he is a shadow child or third child. The population police are coming door to door more often to try and find another child because of the recent reports from construction workers who are building a new neighborhood. This was one of the most saddening but well-written novels I have read in a long time. If you enjoy mystery or fiction books, this is the novel for you. (Melissa in grade eight) of Mirrors by Margaret Peterson Haddix (Scholastic Inc, 2008) is a compelling novel about a fourteen-year-old peasant girl who is secretly a princess, or so she thinks. Cecilia has been told since birth that her parents, the king and queen of Suala, were murdered and so she was sent into hiding. Now she lives in a poor village, doing her chores, bringing in the cows, and fishing with her best friend. But at night, she pours over books about being a princess and running a kingdom. She does not that eleven other girls have been told the same story about their past. So who is the real princess? Is it the girl who is now living like a true princess? Is it one of the other peasant girls who have been raised learning the rules of royalty? Or is it Cecilia herself? This book was a real page-turner for me. I definitely recommend it. (Anna in grade eight)

Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix is about Luke who lives in a future world of false identities, government lies and death threats. Luke, who is trying not to get found, faces a dilemna: should he help his fake brother stay out of the psycho home or should he make sure that his big secret stays a secret? What should he do?  What will happen?  (Melissa in grade eight)

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