Screech Owls

Looking for a series about a hockey team?
Try these mystery novels by Roy MacGregor!

Prequel: The Kindegarten Caper
1. Mystery at Lake Placid (AR 5.7)
2. The Night They Stole the Stanley Cup (AR 5.2)
3. The Screech Owls’ Northern Adventure (AR 4.9)
4. Murder at Hockey Camp (AR 5.1)
5. Kidnapped in Sweden (AR 4.8)
6. Terror in Florida (AR 5.5)
7. The Quebec City Crisis (AR 5.7)
8. The Screech Owls’ Home Loss (AR 5.1)
9. Nightmare in Nagano (AR 5.5)
10. Danger in Dinosaur Valley (AR 5.8)
11. The Ghost of the Stanley Cup (AR 5.2)
12. The West Coast Murders (AR 5.7)
13. Sudden Death in New York City
14. Horror on River Road (AR 5.2)
15. Death Down Under (AR 5.5)
16. Power Play in Washington (AR 5.1)
17. Secret of the Deep Woods (AR 5.2)
18. Murder at the Winter Games (AR 6.7)
19. Attack on the Tower of London (AR 6.0)
20. The Screech Owls’ Reunion (AR 5.8)
21. Peril at the World’s Biggest Hockey Tournament
22. Trouble at the Top of the World

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Your Reviews!

I read a book about the Screech Owls. It was called The West Coast Murders. It was about a guy at the Vancouver Aquarium who used dolphins to transfer drugs across the border. Eventually he got shot and killed. One of the kids, Nish. caught the murderers at Wreck beach in Vancouver. I thought that the book was cool, and I enjoy reading the series. (Bradley in gr. 6)

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