Brian Jacques’s REDWALL SERIES

Lord Brocktree (2000)
Martin the Warrior (1993)
Mossflower (1988)
The Legend of Luke (1999)
Outcast of Redwall (1995)
Mariel of Redwall (1991)
The Bellmaker (1994)
Salamandastron (1992)
Redwall (1986)
Mattimeo (1989)
The Pearls of Lutra (1996)
The Long Patrol (1997)
Marlfox (1998)
Taggerung (2001)
Triss (2002)
Loamhedge (2003)
Rakkety Tam (2004)
High Rhulain (2005)
Eulalia (2007)
Note that this list is in chronological, not publication, order.
Note also that the author’s surname is pronounced ‘Jakes’

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Your Reviews!

Redwall, by Brian Jacques (Random House Children’s Books, 1986), is an adventurous and inspiring read that is hard to put down. The story consists of three sections: The Wall, The Quest, and The Warrior. The beginning describes the setting and introduces the characters. The action all takes place in an old deserted abbey named Redwall, and the five main characters –  all animals- are Matthias, Cluny the Scourge, Sela the Vixen, Gousim, and my favourite of the whole bunch, Basil Stag Hare. Redwall tells the story of a battle between good and evil. First, there is a dispute between the Redwall Community and Cluny the Scourge that begins when Cluny comes upon Redwall with his horde of 12 generals and hundreds of soldiers. The second dispute very  much relates to the first; it is between Cluny the Scourge and the Redwall Abbey but this time there is spying by the two foxes: Sela the Vixen and her assistant Chicken Hound  This action starts chaos and eventually both Sela and Chicken Hound die. In the final section, Matthias decides he will find the whereabouts of Martin the Warrior’s shield, sword and armor. At the end, the quest takes him in to the marshlands with the help of Basil Stag Hare, Gousim, and Gousim’s warriors where Matthias finally achieves his goal and defeats the snake. Redwall is a mixture of adventure, honour, and, occasionally, humor. It is a book that will keep you reading until the last word! (Jesse in grade 7)

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