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The End, by Lemony Snicket, (HarperCollins, 2006) is the final book in a long series. It is the story of the Baudelaire children who get stranded on a spit in the middle of the ocean. There they meet castaways. One girl, named Friday, becomes their new friend. Once they discover the leader, Ishmal, is bad and fooling the castaways, the Baudelaires try to warn the castaways, but they won’t listen to them. The Baudelaires eventually give up and sail away for a better life.
I have read the previous 12 books in this series and after hearing about all the misery that the Baudelaires encountered, I was hoping for a better ending. For example, I hoped that they would meet the perfect loving step parents and have great family experiences; however, the book ends with them sailing off into the glowing sun to find a new and better life. I wanted more details about this ‘better’ life. I felt like I got to know the characters well after so many books and I looked forward to a great conclusion. (Jake in grade eight)

Want to read something interesting and full of suspense? Then I recommend The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket (Scholastic, 1999), part of the great Series of Unfortunate Events. This riveting story is full of suspense as the Baudelaire children meet their new guardian, Dr. Montgomery Montgomery, or as the children call him, Uncle Monty. Just when the children think they will live happily ever after, Count Olaf appears, still after them, but now he is disguised as a famous doctor. The Baudelaire children know it is him, but Uncle Monty doesn’t have a clue. The whole time Count Olaf is planning something, the children are sure but what? And will they be able to escape Count Olaf’s wrath? Will Uncle Monty be okay? You’ll have to read to find out! (Megan in grade 7)

Are you looking for a book full of laughter, fairies, and cute animals? Then don’t read The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. These stories are full of suspense, tragedy and horrifying times for the Baudelaire children. Their parents died in a fire and now they have to live with their so-called uncle, Count Olaf. As they get to know him, suspicious things begin to happen. They move away, but they’re still worried: will Count Olaf hunt them down? Read these books and discover all the crazy things that happen! (Cassidy in grade 6)

The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket (Harpercollins Childrens Books, 1999) is an extremely sad and unpleasant tale. If you enjoy books with unrealistic terror and fear, though, this is the book for you. Three children, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire, do what most children do: read, invent, and bite things. Violet’s greatest joy to invent; Klaus loves to read and engage himself in knowledge; little Sunny – still an infant – loves to bite things. All three enjoy a very pleasant life until bad news arrives from Mr. Poe. Their parents have perished in a terrible fire. From now on there is nothing but tragedy, over and over again. The siblings go from their beloved mansion to Count Olaf’s stinky old retched house, where he treats them like little servants. Worst of all, he forces them to perform in his play, The Marvelous Marriage. He plans to marry Violet and to steal all the children’s money! Will he succeed? Will Violet end up marrying Count Olaf? Or will they find a way to escape and live happily ever after? Read the rest of the book to find out! (Kylee in grade 7)

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