39 Clues

What if you are part of the most powerful family on earth?
But what if your power is hidden around the world in the form of 39 clues?
Will you take a million dollars and forget about the power?
Or will you look for the clues?

This series was started by Rick Riordan,
but the books are written by various well-known authors.


1. Riordan, Rick. The Maze of Bones. (AR 4.3)
2. Korman, Gordon. One False Note. (AR 4.9)
3. Lerangis, Peter. The Sword Thief. (AR 4.4)
4. Watson, Jude. Beyond the Grave. (AR 4.0)
5. Carman, Patrick. The Black Circle. (AR 4.7)
6. Watson, Jude. In Too Deep. (AR 4.0)
7. Lerangis, Peter. The Viper’s Nest. (AR 4.1)
8. Korman, Gordon. The Emperor’s Code. (AR 5.3)
9. Park, Linda Sue. Storm Warning. (AR 4.6)

Learn more about the series at http://www.the39clues.com/

Your Responses and Reviews!

The 39 Clues series is very interesting. It is about a brother and a sister, named Amy and Dan Cahill , who embark on a powerful quest to find  39 clues after their grandmother Grace dies and in her will announces the 39 clues hunt.  The whole Cahill family is at the funeral: their choice is to either take 1 million dollars or to accept the hunt. As Amy’s and Dan’s hunt progresses and they make enemies with their family members, they travel from Boston all the way to Australia and back. Their cousins are the ones trying to trick and kill Amy and Dan. Throughout their hunt, the two siblings overcome their fears, extreme challenges, doubt, misery, and denial. But in the end, the Cahill family works as a team to defeat their evil aunt who tried killing almost all of them, including her own children.  The 39 Clues series is the best series I have read since Harry Potter! If you are interested in reading these books, be ready for the most thrilling, bone-chilling , amazing series you will ever read. But beware! You are never going to want to put the books down.  (MacKenzie in grade six)

The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan (Scholastic, 2008) is full of suspense, murder and action. Its many different elements make me feel many different emotions. When Amy and Dan’s grandmother dies, I mourn with them but also feel angry because all the other family members only care about what she might have left them in her will. When Amy and Dan are treated poorly, cruelly and awfully by their family, I feel sorry for them. When they have to choose between accepting one milion dollars or hunting for 39 clues, I feel excited for them. When their Unle Alistair teams up with them, I feel nervous. When their au pair, Nellie Gomez, teams up with them, I feel very enthusiastic. When the two kids fall into many traps and get important information taken from them, I feel heartbroken. But when they find something or steal something back, I get excitedly overjoyed. This intense novel is only the first of many, and I cannot wait to read the rest of the series!  (by Andriana in grade eight)

How do the events in the story affect the main characters?
In The Maze of Bones an unfortunate event that the two kids, Amy and Dan Cahill, face is the loss of  their beloved grandma when she unexpectedly dies. Luckily, she had previously set up a huge scavenger hunt for all the family members and given them a choice of accepting her challenge or leaving the funeral with 1 million dollars. It was mentioned that while on this journey they might die or be seriously injured but that the winners would receive an unbelievable treasure. Amy and Dan accept the challenge set by their grandmother and get into a fracas with their cousins. A little ‘back and forth’ struggle starts happening as they enter into an adventure that will change their lives. (by Yasmine in grade eight)

One of my favourite books is the first in this series: Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan (Scholastic, 2008). Even though there is a loss – the main characters’ parents and grandmother all die – the story takes you through a great adventure. (Luisa in gr. 7)

The 39 Clues series is great! The books are very predictable if you know what you are looking for; for example, when the characters are looking for certain clues, you can figure them out just by thinking about them. I have researched some of the places and figured out how they could get there; for example, the Paris underground part, I researched, and discovered how old it was and what was stored there. If you liked the Harry Potter series and the Alex Rider series and could predict what was going to happen, you’ll probably like these books, too. (Dane in gr. 7)

One False Note by Gordon Korman (Scholastic, 2008) is really fun and adventurous. I have reread it and it still surprises me! (Paul in gr. 6)

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